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Vasey Engineering are pleased to be able to identify and supply the full range of genuine Cummins engine parts using Cummins online Quickserve system.

Your engine serial number allows us to identify the correct part needed first time giving fast turnaround and no errors.

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We can also supply Genuine Parts for all Cummins Onan generators using the same Quickserve system so that we can quickly and efficiently find the exact part you need. We can also supply genuine parts direct from MerCruiser.

Vasey Engineering, using contacts built up over almost 20 years can locate and supply Genuine and after Market Parts for a broad range of engine manufacturers, propulsion units and control systems.

We only use Valvoline Premium Blue Oils and Fleetguard pre-mixed coolant as recommended by Cummins.

No matter what equipment you are using we are confident that we can provide the service you need quickly and efficiently.

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We are fully supported by multiple Cummins Main Dealers and have access to all the support resources you may require to assess, specify, procure and deliver all your CUMMINS and ONAN requirements. We can offer highly competitive pricing and the best lead times in the country.



When embarking on a re-power project installation, it is not necessarily a straightforward replacement exercise. We have access to all the facilities needed to enable any re-engineering or modifications, ensuring minimal disruption or downtime.



Seasonal Maintenance is an important part of your boat ownership. Winterisation is often overlooked, but it is a vital part in ensuring your boat is protected from the cold temperatures. This service is personalised to your requirements and will also be influenced by whether you are using your boat through the winter or putting it into storage.



It is vital to follow the manufacturers service schedules and consumables to ensure any warranty claims will be honoured and to maximise the life of your engine. Sacrificial Anodes are constantly eroding and should be replaced at the correct service intervals even if your engine hours are low. Failure to do so can cause irreparable damage to coolers and heat exchangers.



We are fully equipped with the latest Cummins and MerCruiser diagnostic software. This enables us to monitor all engine parameters in real time, diagnose faults and clear active codes. We also have access to ‘Cummins Quickserve’ for online access to all engine manuals and wiring diagrams. We are proud of our reputation for accurate, efficient, diagnostics leading to first-time fix with minimal downtime and costs.


Fault Resolution

With almost 20 years’ experience working on Cummins engines, we are highly respected in the industry for accurate diagnosis and remediation of faults. These proven skills result in an avoidance of ‘suck it and see’ exercises, reducing downtime and saving the costs that arise from lengthy iterative fault elimination. David Vasey is often the preferred primary contact within the industry for those ‘challenging’ problems.


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